Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding Services

We combine our marketing expertise and creative talents to define a unique brand position that sets each client apart from their competition while establishing a foundation of trust and desire on behalf of the target market.

The work that happens after a brand has been established is as important as the planning that went into establishing it in the first place.

Supporting a corporate brand must be viewed as a continuous long-term business practice, not a short-term tactic.

We help develop the leadership support, infrastructure processes and tools to align the organization with the brand. Our work elevates brand management from a functional level to a core corporate focus therefore helping integrate the brand into employee behavior, and ultimately into customer experiences.


Your name is what identifies you to the public. We work with you to create a name that resonates with your target audience.


Let Rogan Marketing and Communications design a graphic identity for your company to be carried consistently throughout all that you do whether it’s online, in print, or internally among your team.


We can analyze your current logo and make recommendations for moving your brand forward. This could resolve in a complete redesign based on your current position, or a simple evolution to bring you up-to-date.


Don’t have a logo? Let us create one for you based on evaluating your target audience, desired image and industry.


Taglines can be a powerful way for your clients to know exactly what you do therefore let Rogan Marketing and Communications help you create a tagline that your clients will remember.


We work with you to design print and digital collateral pieces that continue to carry forth your brand, and relay the benefits of your product or service.


Are you selling a product that needs to be branded or rebranded? Let us help you create the packaging that will clearly identify that benefits and appeal to your target audience.


Newsletters allow you to connect with your clients in a way that reinforces your brand messaging. It keeps clients informed while also demonstrating that you are an expert in your field.