Branding Materials

We create Branding Materials

Once your brand has been established, we take on the task of producing the branded materials you will need to spread the word regarding your products or services.

Doing so in a coordinated, consistent and regular way ensures people will become aware of you.

We take pride in our branding expertise, and will ensure that your business has the opportunity to discover what its direction should be and what is needed to get there.

We produce a wide array of materials which can be associated with your brand. These go way beyond the simple stationary most ‘graphic’ companies will offer as a part of their ‘Logo rebranding’ strategy.

We produce eCommerce stores to give you full control over your online sales, we produce audio and video content to be used in articulated social media and traditional media campaigns.

We also help with presentations, events, and even speaking services.

Call us NOW! and let us aid in your marketing needs.

Some Services we provide:


Your name is what identifies you to the public. We work with you to create a name that resonates with your target audience.


Let Rogan Marketing and Communications design a graphic identity for your company to be carried consistently throughout all that you do whether it’s online, in print, or internally among your team.


We can analyze your current logo and make recommendations for moving your brand forward. This could result in a complete redesign based on your current position, or a simple evolution to bring you up-to-date.


Don’t have a logo? Let us create one for you based on evaluating your target audience, desired image, and industry.


Taglines can be a powerful way for your clients to know exactly what you do. At Rogan Marketing and Communications, we can help you create a tagline that your clients will remember.


We work with you to design print and digital collateral pieces that continue to carry forth your brand, and relay the benefits of your product or service.


Are you selling a product that needs to be branded or re-branded? Let us help you create  packaging that will clearly identify the benefits and appeal to your target audience.


Newsletters allow you to connect with your clients in a way that reinforces your brand messaging. It keeps clients informed while also demonstrating that you are an expert in your field.


We register, manage, write content and post on an array of Social Media platforms to ensure your words reach more potential clients.


We design, create, populate, and manage your future web store. This ensures your products/services get more exposure not only locally, but worldwide.