Marketing Masters: The Top 10 Social Media Tips and Tricks

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March 31, 2017

Marketing Masters: The Top 10 Social Media Tips and Tricks

The eyes of the planet are fixed upon the digital world. Social Media is a phenomenon that has captured the imagination and attention of multiple generations, granting us the ability to connect and share with one another like never before. Since the invention of MySpace in the early 2000’s, social media has continued to evolve into gargantuan titans of industry like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and more!

Businesses have clamored to take advantage of this since the beginning, and there are many ways to do just that! While some avenues of social exposure cost money, there are many inexpensive or free options that exist for those on a budget. Social media is not just recommended for businesses in today’s world, it is a necessity!

Everyone has opinions regarding social media optimization. We at RMC have compiled a list of our TOP 10 SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS AND TRICKS, for you to integrate into your business plan for the benefit of your continued growth!

  1. HASHTAGS – Hashtagging has become commonplace, with every major event from the SuperBowl to the WWE to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade having official hashtags on the screen for their audiences. A hashtag is the act of prefacing certain searchable terms in your posts with a “#” symbol, in order to attract the attention of the people searching for them. If you’re writing a post about sporting goods you might say “Check out our huge #NewYear #Sale on #Baseball #Equipment including #bats #gloves #helmets and more! #sportinggoods #sports #sportsequipment” This ensures that you are drawing in people searching for posts about these topics. If this seems cumbersome to read, it won’t be to the social media audience. Hashtags have become so common, most don’t even notice them when they read a post. Hashtag various words throughout your copy, and then, at the end, provided you still have room left over, list a few more relevant hashtags that had no place in your narrative.
  2. HAVE FUN – If you’re an accounting firm, you don’t always have to post about taxes. It’s good practice to post twice a day. Make one relevant to your industry, and make the other one something fun and engaging. Every day has a “National Day” applied to it. So, if it’s National Peanut Day, post something chuckle-worthy about peanuts. People will like, follow, and share if you make them laugh. Use some whit, have some fun.
  3. MULTIMEDIA CONTENT – Every post should have some kind of multimedia attached to it. Photos, videos, and links go a LONG way in the world of social media. Too much copy with nothing else can seem mundane, and consumers will just keep scrolling. Just remember that you cannot use copyrighted images to promote your business. There are many sites like that offer free photos and videos, but the selections aren’t always that great. Consider opening an account with a paid photo site such as 123rf or Shutterstock to build yourself a backlog of stock photos. And of course, TAKE YOUR OWN. Photos of your staff, company events, anything that gives your business a face can capture your audience’s attention. Photography can be a fun hobby. Embrace it! When it comes to video content, produce something fun and original. Try to take it viral, but don’t bank on that. No one can predict what’s going to make it big in the world of viral videos. (Looking at YOU Dramatic Look Gopher!) –
  4. BE TOPICAL – Avoid controversial issues like politics and religion, but pay attention to what’s happening in the world around you. Tailor your copy to interweave with current events. Acknowledge holidays and respond to global events that are both positive and negative. Say something about a hockey team’s Stanley Cup win, offer condolences in the wake of tragedies, stay plugged into the world. Don’t exist within a bubble.
  5. FOLLOW YOUR COMPETITORS – Everyone shops the competition. See what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and what success they’re having. On Twitter, follow their followers in an attempt to get some of them to follow you. There is no shame in peeking in on the opposing team. They will be doing the same to you!
  6. PROOF YOURSELF – Keep your copy clean when you post. By that, we mean double and triple check your spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Make sure everything is pristine. If your writing is poor, and you have no written grasp of the English language, it is going to alter public perception of your company. Remember, you are the voice of your business! Keep that voice educated!
  7. SHARING IS CARING – Share your page along your personal social media accounts! Get your family and friends to support you and share for you. This is a great way to build up a base, and will get the snowball rolling downhill!
  8. BE A HUMAN BEING – Don’t be rigid and too business-like. Write the way you speak, show a conversational tone, and put a human voice behind your words. No one wants to be sold to. Just be a human being and talk TO your audience, rather than AT them.
  9. LINKS – Don’t forget your website. It is the most important component to your online presence. (See our SMALL BUSINESS SAVY Section for more info on that!) You should be constantly linking back to your website through social media content. You have a gorgeous, optimized, functional website (…Right?) so show it off!
  10. PAY FOR IT – While our previous examples have been mostly content driven, it is important to take advantage of some of Facebook’s paid advertising options as well. The beauty of this avenue is how customizable it is to both your audience and budget. You can spend as much or as little per-day as you’d like. Boost your posts or market your page to people within a chosen age range, geographic location, and who have certain interests as outlined by you. This ensures that not only are you drawing eyes to your page and content, but you’re drawing the right eyes!

Social media has taken over the world of digital marketing, and SPOILER ALERT: it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Learn to embrace the world of social media marketing and open your business up to limitless possibilities!

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