The Importance of Your Small Business’s Website

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May 18, 2016
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March 31, 2017

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The Importance of Your Small Business’s Website


In days of old, the most important aesthetic ingredient a business could have was an impressive looking storefront. A good sign and window display would let your customers know who you are, and most importantly, what you can do! But we now live in the digital age, and websites are the new storefront!

It is, more often than not, your website which makes the first impression upon the vast majority of your audience. The aforementioned signage and window displays of old have been replaced with banner graphics, functionality, and content. So, what are the benefits to having an impressive customized web presence? That list could go on and on all day, but we’ve narrowed it down to five key factors that should do much to convince you as to the importance of such a vital piece of the puzzle.

  1. Functionality = Competency

The better your website works, the more impressive you look. When a site glitches, or is just not user friendly, it’s akin to having bad customer service. Whether you’ve built the site yourself or outsourced production to a firm, the final product is reflective upon you.

A visually appealing site, which works flawlessly and is user friendly, speaks volumes in regard to your own competency as a business, the care you put into your products and services, and the respect you have for your customers. Take the extra time, invest a little more, and show prospective customers and clients that your name is synonymous with QUALITY.

  1. Be Bigger Than You Are

Are you a mom and pop business with only one physical location? Or maybe a home-based company with no storefront? An impressive looking website can make you seem larger than you actually are!

The web is your arena to showcase your product and services in a manner which can far exceed your presence in the physical world. If you’re a web based company this is absolutely essential, as the internet is your primary place of business. Show the world what you can do. Puff up your feathers and strut your stuff!

  1. E-Commerce

A flawless E-Commerce system is important for businesses who sell products or services online. With sites like Amazon and EBay becoming household words, the future of commerce lies online, rather than in a brick and mortar storefront.

As such, it is imperative that your e-commerce platform be user friendly, bug-free, and functional. When a customer makes an online purchase with your company, they are entrusting you and your shopping cart with their information. Don’t let your customers down!

  1. Exposure Potential (SEO)

One of the greatest benefits to website promotion is Search Engine Optimization. This opens your product up to the entire world. By optimizing the content and meta tags for your site, and generating a series of backlinks, you can move up the ranks of Google, until you are number one in your industry. (See our IN CHARGE OF CHANGE section for more on this!)

Once first page penetration is achieved, the sky is the limit. Remember, more eyes equal more clicks, which in turn equals more business.

  1. Social Media Integration

Social media platforms are the wave of the future. The eyes of the world are affixed onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. By seamlessly integrating your social media presence into your website, you will turn it into a hotbed of activity.

Many websites have social feeds, which link directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so visitors get a sense of your social media voice, and can click through to become followers. Also, on the other end of the coin, by including links back to your site in social media postings, you can increase traffic. (See our MARKETING MASTERS section for more on this!)

This is where having an optimized, functional, aesthetically pleasing site comes into play. What is the use of drawing eyes to your site if you aren’t going to impress them with it?

A website is your statement to the world. The identity of your business is wrapped up in the banners, graphics and code of your online presence. Maximize your potential, maximize your exposure, maximize your results with a stellar functional website!

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