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Coming from the world of client side marketing, I have dealt with multiple creative agencies over the course of my career. I have worked with traditional advertising agencies, digital agencies, full service agencies and assorted consultants. We have run print campaigns, digital campaigns and full website designs and launches.

For every agency I’ve ever worked with, once a contract was signed, we always started at the same place. Discovery. The Discovery phase has been the launching pad for every project I have ever undertaken when working with an agency (and I’ve worked with the best).

As defined by Webster’s Dictionary: Discovery is “1. The act or process of discovering; 2. Something discovered; 3. The disclosure usually before a civil trial of pertinent facts or documents.”

Now, my career has taken me to the opposite side of the table. Staring at me are the client side marketers, small business owners and CEO’s. We present a plan. They like the plan. We tell them we are starting with the discovery phase and it starts.

We frequently hear from clients when they hire us that they are ready to move forward, but do not want to engage in the traditional discovery phase of the strategic planning process. This is not unfamiliar to me. As a client side marketer, I frequently heard this from the executive management team before every outsourced project.

I’ve heard every excuse in the book. Personal favorites are “it takes too much time,” and the ever popular “I want you to tell me about my business, not that I have to tell you.” (There is a logic somewhere in that statement, but in all the times I have heard it I’ve never determined what that logic is exactly). And my absolute favorite, “You’re keeping us from moving forward with the ‘fun stuff.’”

For us at Rogan Marketing and Communications as your marketing department, we believe that discovery is the most important step that we take. It is the foundational slab for everything else we do. This is why.

We believe that strategy comes first. Without strategy you might as well be a sheet blowing in the wind for the effectiveness of your marketing. Strategy defines your corporate brand identity, your creative vision and all the “fun stuff” that comes with building a brand.

When you partner with us, we take you through a step-by-step process. This process allows us to further delve into your business, your goals and your business processes. We believe in a targeted approach that really examines who your customers are, and why and how they purchase products or services.

When you work with Rogan Marketing and Communications, you are partnering with a team that believes in creating results, not wasting dollars. Do you have a vision? We can’t wait to hear it and begin the Discovery process that will get your marketing strategy rolling in the right direction.

Angela M. Insalaco is the Marketing Manager at Rogan Marketing and Communications. In a previous life she managed corporate marketing on the client side focusing on professional services.

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